Monday, 19 November 2012

Jay Fung 馮允謙 Album

So... the 3 month journey of making Jay's album has come to a close, from 16 hour days to relaxin with the family again. The album is something very different for teh HK market, we will see how it is received, so far so good though. The first single 今天開始 (Starting Today) was number 2 in the charts and they have just released the 2nd single 夜半敲門 (Knocking On My Door) has already got some great feedback. The album is the first full album the MoFo Music has produced, MoFo is me and Jun as a writing/production team and we are already getting booked up for more albums next year. The sound we make together is very unique for the region but still very commercially orientated.
Below are some links and pictures from the project, the album is scheduled to be released at the end of November so we will see how it goes, in the meantime, one of the songs we did on Jun;s album (Help Is On The Way) is up for 2 awards (Best Arrangement & Best Male Performance) at the CASH 2012 Golden Sail Awards on November 28th, finers crossed!!

Jay after a long day in the studio

(L-R) Leo Chan (EEG), Me, Sherman, Jay, & Jun

The chorus from Jay's first plug doing their poo faces!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Jun Kung ( 恭碩良) - Help Is On The Way

At last!!! Jun's album came out yesterday (June 5th), I worked with Jun on this album in between both of our busy schedules. The album is called "Playback's A Bitch" and had 8 tracks of which I produced 7, co-wrote 7, and mixed 8.

The whole experience was great and Jun is a very talented multi-instrumentalist. He played 90% of the instruments on the album, Drums, bass, Guitair and piano.
The video is out now for the first single "Help Is On The Way", this is the only Cantonese song on the album as Jun wanted to an English language album this time round.

So head on down to HMV and grab a copy, or for those Digi heads amongst us it will be available in iTunes shortly.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Joey Yung Music Video (容祖兒 蜉蝣)

Haven’t blogged much these last few months… Been busy as hell!!

I just came across this picture of Joey Yung’s (容祖兒) new MV for the song I did for her new album called Mayfly (蜉蝣)

I didn’t think they were going to do a video so glad they finally have… looking forward to seeing it soon. At least it will get sung in Karaoke now!!

Friday, 17 September 2010

"Fantasy" New Single by Bashy released 19th Sept

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long delay between blogs, been very busy working day in and day out, doing long hours and developing bags so big you could use them for your sunday shop!

Anyway.....One of the projects I was working on during my time in Shawshank was a track called "Fantasy" by a UK artist called BASHY. I co-produced the track with a producer called Devon The DJ and I also mixed the record as well.

So typically, in this day and age of the thing we call "The Internet" or "The Net" or " The Web" or whatever you want to call it, I actually didn't even meet the artist or the other producer in person. Everything was done over the internet, uploading & downloading, zipping & unzipping (not what you think!!), yousendit & ftp, email & Skype... you name it we used it!

Sorry I have digressed... the whole point of this blog was to tell you that "Fantasy" is released this Sunday (19th Sept) and all the support, downloading (legally ;p), blogging, and general love and admiration would be greatly appreciated!

The music video is now available on Youtube.. check it out and let me know what you think!

And for those who become new fans, please buy. Also they have asked me to work on the rest of the album and we will probably do it in HK as he is touring with Gorillaz... so in the near future if you out in LKF or SoHo and see me with him.. please show some HK love!

Peace.. and I'm Audi... 500!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Race Wong - Fast Foward (Promo Trailer)

This is just a quick blog to update you on the progress of the Race Wong project I have been working on. We managed to capture lots of "Behind the scenes" footage and we have put together a small promo video to show what we have been up to. The video was shot by Arne Venema and Jona Chung Dha Lam and was edited by Arne.

Sorry guys, still no preview of the music yet. We have finished 4 songs and are making a few more, but over Chinese New Year we will working on Race's image and styling for her re-launch as an artist.

It has been fun (as you can see from the video) and the music sounds great, definitelty something different for Hong Kong.

But stay tuned cos after CNY we will be starting our promo campaign with a photoshoot, music video, and some performances!